The principle and main fabrics of reflective fabric

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Reflective fabric is a product widely used in outdoor fields, such as uniforms, workwear, sanitation clothing, etc. Reflective fabrics can reflect distant direct light back to the glowing place, and have outstanding retroreflective optical functions whether during the day or at night. Reflective cloth is roughly composed of four parts: substrate, composite glue, reflective layer, and glass beads.

There are many types of reflective materials, from reflective cloth, reflective thermal film, reflective tape, flame-retardant reflective cloth, to reflective yarn, reflective grid strips, reflective edging, reflective leather, etc. Different reflective materials have different properties and uses.

1. Reflective principle of reflective fabric

When a beam of light shines on the front of the microbeads at any angle within a certain range, due to the high refraction of the microbeads, it is concentrated on the reflective layer on the back of the microbeads. The reflective layer reflects the light back, forming retroreflection. When many glass beads reflect at the same time, a bright scene will appear in front of you. This is a cloth made of glass beads compounded on a cloth base, which is called reflective cloth. Work clothes or daily clothing made of this high-visibility reflective fabric can be easily spotted by night drivers in advance, no matter how far away the wearer is or if they are interfered by light or scattered light. Thereby reducing the occurrence of accidents.

Reflective fabrics have been widely used in down jackets, jackets, fashion and other fields in recent years. In the first two years, silver-gray reflective fabrics were mainly used. In the past two years, the feel, comfort, and practicality of clothing fabrics have been improved. There have also been many innovations in the variability and overlap of reflective effects, making them more suitable for life scenes.

2. The mainstream reflective fabrics mainly include four types:

1. The colorful reflective fabric: the color can be customized according to the Pantone color card. A variety of base fabrics can be selected. The surface has a matte texture, is cold-resistant, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, has good washing fastness, has rich colors and good matching, and is cost-effective.

2. Gradient reflective fabric: The seamless transition between colored reflective fabric and silver-gray reflective fabric realizes the gradient of color and brightness, making the entire fabric more fashionable, bright and dynamic. It is a best-selling model and is adopted by many well-known casual wear brands.

3. Colorful printing reflective fabric: the fabric is colorfully printed. The pattern and base fabric can be customized to meet the individual needs of users. It is fashionable and breathable, has high brightness, good fastness and washability.

under natural light
under light when night

4. The transparent and colorful reflective fabric: the fabric has an invisible reflective coating that retains the true color of the base fabric and reflects colorful light during night lighting, adapting to various life scenes.

5. The luminous colorful reflective fabric: it can store light under natural light for 30 minutes during the day and can produce spontaneous green light at night, which lasts for more than 6 hours. The lamp reflects colorful light at night and is visible within 200 meters, ensuring night travel; during the day it is milky white, fresh and well-matched. good.



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